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Hello. Goodbye.

C-Span, Cameras & Sit-Ins: A Fun Lesson in Selective Amnesia & Hypocrisy

Despite June Mistakes & Huge Surrogate Deficit, Trump Stays Within Striking Distance

ABC Gets Hollywood Ending Fit For a King With Cavs’ Game 7 Triumph; Dunks Ratings Record

Thrones Annual War Episode, Historic Cavs-Warriors Game 7 Make Tonight Must-See-TV

Flashback: When Candidate Obama Booted 3 Papers From His Campaign Plane, Nobody Cared

The Media Meme: Blame GOP for Orlando While Turning Sole Focus to Gun Control

Orlando Rhetoric Again Shows How Childish, Idiotic & Divisive Our Pundits, Leaders Can Be

Huge Media Exposure, Photo Sharing of Orlando Terrorist Only Gives ISIS Exactly the PR it Craves

CBS Affiliate Reporter Decided It Was a Good Idea to Post This From Orlando Scene Today (Updated)

Orlando Terror Focus Already (Predictably) Pivoting to Debate over Radical Islam, Gun Control

Trump’s Terrible Week Comes as Hillary Enjoys Her Best; Now Here’s the Big Question…

Media Gives Clinton Total Pass on $12,000 Armani Jacket, But Pounded Palin in ’08

AP, NBC Should Have Absolutely Held Off Calling Clinton Presumptive Democratic Nominee

RIP Muhammad Ali: With Media, Fans Mesmerized, His Best Punches Often Landed Outside the Ring

Vox Founder Ezra Klein Disturbingly Silent After His Editor Encourages Riots at Trump Rallies (UPDATED)

Canada’s Today Show, On For 44 Years, Cancelled With Just 24 Hours Notice To Viewers, Staff

In This Hold-Your-Nose Election, Hillary Owns That Key Variable To Help Trump Trump

Beat the Press: Why Trump’s All-Out Attack on an Unpopular Political Press is Working

Armed & Dangerous: How a Gun-Rights Group Just Set a New Precedent for Taped Interviews

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