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Trump’s Emerging Betrayal of the NRA is as Predictable as it is Hilarious

Thoughts on a News Cycle: Russia, The CPAC Mess, And Whether Trump Will Sell Out the NRA

The Best Evidence of ‘Russian Collusion’ Is Trump World’s Reaction to the Allegation

Why Trump’s Affair with Playmate Karen McDougal Should Matter, But, Of Course, Will Not

Joy Behar Wasn’t Wrong to Mock Pence Speaking to Jesus, She Was Wrong to Believe Omarosa

Blindly Attacking the Defenders of Those Accused of Sex Abuse Is Counterproductive and Dangerous

The Real Reason that Most Trump Fans Can’t Stand ‘Never Trump’ Conservatives

Trump’s Dictatorial Delusions Are Funny Now, But Set Up a Very Dangerous Future

Why Is Trump Chickening Out of What Will Be the ‘Trumpiest’ Super Bowl Imaginable?

Geraldo is Actually Not Far Off When He Says Nixon Would Have Survived With Hannity Around

The ‘Memogate’ Farce Tells Us Far More about Trump, His Cult & the Russia Investigation Than the FBI

The Real State of Our Union is: Currently Prosperous, But Badly Fractured

Here’s Why ‘Nothing Really Matters’ in the Era of Trump

Why Conservatives Should Care About ‘Stormy Daniels’ — But Don’t

20 Years Ago Today, the Media Changed Forever and the Seeds for a Trump Presidency Were Planted

Spielberg’s The Post Reminds Us How Far American Journalism Has Drifted From Its Heyday

Reviewing the Nuttiest Things Trump Said Just Today

If She Runs, Oprah Would Likely Win the Nomination, But Be Ill-Suited to Beat Trump

In Many Ways, the Wolff Book Will Actually Help Trump

Is This Steve Bannon’s Political Obituary?

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