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Charles Krauthammer is Being Properly Mourned Now, But Here is Where He Will Really Be Missed

Trump Betrayed His Cult with Family Detention Executive Order, And Got Them Nothing in Return

Here’s How Democrats Could Take Back the House, if They Weren’t So Bad at Politics

Controversies at the U.S. Open Expose Massive Conflicts of Interest in the Modern Media

The Only Way for the GOP to be Saved from the Trump Cult is for Democrats to Win Big in November

Trump’s Bizarre Foreign Trip Will Likely Be a Win For Him, And a Loss For the Rest of the World

Trump is About to Get Away With Gaslighting Us on ‘Spygate’ and it’s Mostly the Media’s Fault

Is the Media Even Aware that Trump Has Had a Grudge Against the NFL Since the 1980s?

Bill Clinton’s Today Show Interview Was a Disaster, But He Does Have One Valid Point

Why Trump’s Pardon Policy Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About Our President

Trump and the Roseanne Defenders’ Claims of a Real Double Standard Are Wrong

Trump’s New Russia Probe ‘Defense’ Recalls How O.J. Simpson Got Away With Murder

Conservatives Are Manufacturing a ‘Trump’s Accomplishments’ Narrative So He Can Beat Mueller

A Reality-Based Address to the Graduating Class of Prospective Media Members

Cracking the Code of Trump’s Lies: An Extensive Interview with CNN’s Amanda Carpenter

Why Don Jr.’s ‘Trump Tower Meeting’ Story is Nonsensical

The News Media is in a Time Warp on the Immigration Assimilation Debate

Salem Media’s Effort to Purge Anti-Trump Conservatives Tells You How the Business Really Works

NY Mag Theory That Trump Impregnated Playboy Model Is Likely True, and an Indictment of the Media

Is Golf the Hidden Key to Understanding the Trump-Russia Connection?

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