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FLASHBACK: Donald Trump Endorses A…Uh…Genuinely Happy Mitt Romney

FLASHBACK: Donald Trump Endorses A…Uh…Genuinely Happy Mitt Romney

Goodbye And Stuff

Heresy! Fox News (And Only Fox News) Talked Over The National Anthem

PA Republican Thinks His Daughter’s Out Of Wedlock Pregnancy Is Totally Comparable To, Y’know, Getting Raped

Pat Robertson Warns People Against Adopting Scary Foreign Kids: ‘You Don’t Know What Problems There Are’

President Obama Also Giving Hard-Hitting Interview To Glamour

Yesterday, The Onion Wrote About The Lack Of Deadly Shootings. Today They Wrote An Update: ‘Never Mind’

Finally, Here’s The Hardcore Paul Ryan Rap You’ve Been Waiting For (Featuring Jesus And Ayn Rand!)

Oops! Well-Meaning 80-Year-Old Woman Hilariously ‘Fixes’ Priceless, Century-Old Spanish Fresco

Dan Savage And National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown Sit Down For Fascinating Gay Marriage Debate

Kirk Cameron Comes To Rep. Akin’s Defense: ‘I Believe He’s A Good Man’

Newsweek Mocks Huffington Post’s Abortion Coverage With Coat Hanger Mouse Cursor, People Get Very Angry

Key And Peele Bring Back ‘Obama’ And His ‘Anger Translator’ To Take On Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

Let The World Know Your Politics Via Moist Skin! Bliss Releasing ‘Mint Romney’ And ‘O-Bama’ Moisturizers

It’s True. We Doctors Have Been Giving Republican Congressmen False Information As A Joke

University Of Colorado To Now Segregate Gun-Owning Students Into Special Gun Dorms

59-Year-Old Man Goes To Gathering Of The Juggalos On ‘Fact-Finding Mission’ (And Has A Really Good Time!)

Wire Creator David Simon Obliterates Romney Over 13% Taxes: ‘This Republic Is Just About Over, Isn’t It?’

Family Research Council President Rushes To Politicize Office Shooting, Blames Southern Poverty Law Center

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