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Stephen Colbert Demands North Korea ‘Knock It Off’ With Trump Insults: ‘We Can Do It,’ Not You

Matt Schlapp on GOPers Trying to ‘Weasel Out’ of Obamacare Promises: ‘It’s Pitchfork Time’

Mel Brooks: ‘We Have Become Stupidly Politically Correct, Which is the Death of Comedy’

I Love You Ellen DeGeneres, But You’re a Hypocrite

The Media’s Nuclear Meltdown Over Trump’s North Korea Remarks is Laughable

Seriously? DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison Compares Illegal Immigrants to Jews in Nazi Germany

The Russians Are Coming! Hillary Clinton Calls Herself ‘Paula Revere’ on Russia Meddling

Hillary Clinton Gives Her Version of a UN Address on The Late Show

Trump Mocks Emmys’ Poor Ratings on Twitter: ‘The Smartest People of Them All Are the “DEPLORABLES”‘

Hannity Slams Media, Says Manafort Story Vindicates Trump: You’ve ‘Been Exposed For The Frauds You Are!’

Dana Perino: Paul Manafort is ‘Staring Down the Barrel of a Gun’

MSNBC Guest: Trump’s UN Address ‘Was The Most Atrocious Speech’ I’ve Ever Heard a President Give

The Master Baiter: Trump’s Golf Retweet Sparks Over-The-Top Outrage (Again)

Hannity Addresses Time Slot Change, Challenges Viewers To Beat ‘Conspiracy Theory TV’ MSNBC

Hannity Slams Hollywood’s ‘Insane, Unhinged Hatred’ For Trump at The Emmys

Hollywood Needs to Get Over The 2016 Election Already

People Were Upset That Roger Ailes Was Included in the ‘In Memoriam’ Segment at The Emmys

#DCPublicSchools Trends on Twitter After John Oliver Asks Emmy Viewers To Make It Happen

Emmy’s 9 to 5 Reunion Predictably Dings Trump: ‘Sexist, Egotistical, Lying, Hypocritical Bigot’

John Lithgow Jabs Trump By Praising Churchill: He Reminds Us What Leadership Looks Like

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