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CNN’s Zakaria on Trump Afghanistan Speech: ‘Where Is Steve Bannon When You Need Him?’

Ex-Democratic Rep. on Trump Speech: He’s a Uniter ‘When He Reads from a Teleprompter’

Paul Ryan Dismisses Effort to Censure Trump: Would Turn Into a ‘Partisan Hack-Fest’

Paul Ryan Praises Afghanistan Speech: I Heard a New Trump ‘Doctrine’ Tonight

Trump: ‘When We Open Our Hearts to Patriotism, There Is No Room for Prejudice’

Anderson Cooper: Trump Afghanistan Speech May End Up Being a Blow to Bannon Foreign Policy

Wait, What? Daily Caller Piece Declares It’s ‘High Time’ Barron Trump Starts Dressing Properly

MSNBC’s Ari Melber on Bannon’s ‘Eclipse’: He Is ‘The Moon to Donald Trump’s Sun’

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Calls Bannon ‘The Biggest Crybaby I Have Ever Seen’

Mitch McConnell Rebuts Trump: ‘Most News Is Not Fake’

WATCH: President Trump Looks Directly at the Solar Eclipse Without Glasses

Shep Smith Had the Best Time Ever Covering the Solar Eclipse: ‘Oh My God!’

‘SHAME!’ Here Are the Best and Worst Videos from the Free Speech Rally in Boston

Trump Applauds Protesters ‘Speaking Out Against Bigotry and Hate’

Trump Takes to Twitter to Slam Boston Protesters: ‘Many Anti-Police Agitators’

GOP Sen. Sasse Says ‘It Feels Like Violence Is Coming’ in Facebook Essay on Charlottesville

Geraldo Rivera: Bannon ‘Kept This President in an Ideological Corner’

Trump Praises Bannon’s Return to Breitbart: ‘Fake News Needs the Competition!’

Missouri Gov. Calls for Removal of Democratic Legislator for Her Trump Assassination Comment

Howard Dean: ‘This May Be the Moment That Turns America Away from the Republican Party’

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