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Fox Host to Dem Senator: ‘Did Your Party Go Too Far’ on Russia Talk?

Barbra Streisand Clarifies Comments on Michael Jackson Accusers

Rachel Maddow Laughs at Reports Saying She Cried on Air Covering Mueller News: ‘LOL’

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz: For Almost Two Years There’s Been So Much ‘Overheated’ and ‘Overhyped’ Mueller Coverage

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Issues Statement on Prostitution Case: ‘I Am Truly Sorry’

Joy Reid: ‘It Feels Like the Seeds of a Cover-Up Are Here’

CNN’s Smerconish: Mueller Deserves Our Gratitude for Investigation and What It Uncovered

George Conway Rips Trump: Shows Almost Every Day He’s ‘Singularly Unfit for the Presidency’

Bill Maher Credits Donna Brazile for Joining Fox News: Looks ‘Weak’ for Dems to Avoid Network

Nicolle Wallace Rips Fox’s Jesse Watters for Saying Most Americans Don’t Care About Mueller Report

Fox & Friends Goes Off After Mueller Report Submitted: What If It Shows Media’s Been ‘Yelling About Nonsense?’

Maher: Chelsea Clinton Apologizing to Activists Shows ‘Everything That’s Wrong with the Left Today’

Tucker Carlson: Trump Should Pardon Roger Stone ‘Very Soon’

CNN: White House Is Celebrating a ‘Win’ With a ‘Fair Amount of Glee’

Chris Matthews: How Can Mueller Investigation Wrap Without a Direct Interview With Trump?

Sen. Blumenthal: I Think There’s Still ‘Strong Possibility’ of Indictments in Trump’s Future

DOJ Official: Mueller Not Recommending Any Further Indictments

Schumer and Pelosi: Bill Barr Must Not Give Trump or His Team a ‘Sneak Preview’ of Mueller’s Findings

Chuck Todd Panel Goes Off After Mueller Report Finally Submitted: ‘He Caught a Lot of Witches’

WATCH: Cable News Pundits Speculate Wildly About the Mueller Report Hours Before It’s Finally Submitted

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