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Trump: Now People Are Trying to ‘Destroy Statues of Christopher Columbus; What’s Next?’

Sean Spicer Reportedly Spoke With Mueller’s Team on Monday

SNL Alum Taran Killam: Letting Trump Host ‘Embarrassing and Shameful’

Now Harvey Weinstein’s Brother Bob Is Being Accused of Sexual Harassment

Lena Headey Speaks Out on Disturbing Weinstein Encounter: ‘I Felt Completely Powerless’

Rex Tillerson on Trump Tweets: Our Strategies Are ‘Resilient Enough to Accommodate’ the Unpredictable

Trump: NBC, MSNBC ‘Probably as Bad or Worse’ Than ‘Fake News’ CNN

FCC Chair Finally Weighs in on Trump’s Tweet Threatening NBC: ‘I Believe in the 1st Amendment’

Conway: Trump Was Just Saying ‘There Are Many Different Ways to Reach Out’ to Grieving Families

Former GOP Rep.: ‘We Might Be Better Off as a Republic’ If Dems Retake House in 2018

Hannity: ‘If Mitch McConnell Can’t Do His Job, Go! Get Out!’

McCain Rails Against ‘Half-Baked, Spurious Nationalism’ in Liberty Medal Ceremony Speech

Ex-CIA Head Panetta: Trump Needs to Stop Looking for ‘Scapegoats’ Like Obama

Gingrich: Why Is Bannon Targeting Republicans When He Could Be Going After Democrats Instead?

CNN’s Phil Mudd Goes On a Tear Against Trump: ‘This Guy Has the Empathy of a Cockroach’

CNN’s Mark Preston: Has Trump ‘Ever Blamed Himself for Anything?’

Tapper: ‘At Some Point, the President’s Going to Have to Choose’ Between Bannon and McConnell

Watch Maggie Haberman, Frank Bruni, and More NY Times Staffers Sing Sondheim’s ‘Broadway Baby’

Twitter Rips Trump’s False Claim About Obama Not Calling Parents of Fallen Soldiers: ‘A F*cking Lie’

Trump and McConnell Insist They’re Getting Along in Joint Presser: ‘Closer Than Ever Before’

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