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Hannity Fires Back After NBC Host Slams Him: ‘Crybaby Chuck Todd Is a Total Hypocrite’

DNC Sues Trump Campaign, Russia, Wikileaks Alleging ‘All-Out Assault on Our Democracy’

Newt Gingrich Analyzes Comey Video on Mute, Concludes He’s ‘Almost A Pathological Liar’

Diamond & Silk Call on ICE to Deport New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Comey to Maddow: Yes, Trump Told Me He Had a Personal Conversation With Putin About Hookers

In Memos on Trump Interactions, Comey Writes About the ‘Golden Showers Thing’

Chris Matthews Wonders If Trump Really Went to College: ‘He Democratizes His Ignorance’

Trump: Comey ‘Just Threw Andrew McCabe Under the Bus,’ IG Report Is a ‘Disaster For Both of Them’

Michael Avenatti Makes Bold Prediction: ‘I Do Not Think the President Will Serve Out His Term’

Comey Seems to Change Tune That Russia Has Compromising Info on Trump: ‘Unlikely But Possible’

James Comey Tries to Claim That His Book Tour Is ‘Not About the President’

Trump: ‘Human Trafficking Is Worse Than It’s Ever Been In the History of the World’

CNN’s Stelter: If Maddow Was ‘Getting Secret Legal Advice From a Clinton Lawyer,’ Hannity Would Go Wild

Rand Paul Suggests Recent Syrian Chemical Attack Might Be False Flag: ‘Does It Make Any Sense?’

Fox News Stands Behind Hannity: ‘Surprised’ By Cohen Revelation But He Has ‘Our Full Support’

Fox News’ Hannity Takes Heat From Napolitano on Cohen: ‘He Can’t Have It Both Ways’

WATCH: Stormy Daniels Reveals Composite Sketch of Man Who Allegedly Threatened Her

CNN Anchor Mocks Hannity: ‘I’m John Berman and Michael Cohen Is Not My Attorney’

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Gleefully Taunts Hannity For Being Outed as Cohen’s Mystery Client

Laura Ingraham to Hannity: ‘I’m Glad For Like a Millisecond the Heat’s Off Me and On You’

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