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James Clapper Questions Trump’s ‘Fitness’ For Office: ‘I Just Find This Extremely Disturbing’

Don Lemon Goes Off on ‘Unhinged’ Trump Speech: ‘He Was Like a Child’

Trump Hints That He’ll Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio: ‘I Think He’s Going To Be Just Fine’

Trump Gives a Shout Out to ‘Poor’ Jeffrey Lord in Phoenix Speech

Trump Slams the ‘Dishonest Media’ While Phoenix Crowd Chants ‘CNN Sucks’

Twitter Blows Up Over ESPN Pulling Commentator Named Robert Lee: ‘Dumbest Idea Ever’

Tucker Carlson Chides Media For Not Getting His Trump Eclipse Joke

Robert De Niro Sounds Off on ‘Terrible’ Trump: He’s a ‘Flat-Out Blatant Racist’

White House Reportedly Tried to Get GOP Senator to Trade Health Care Vote For Air Force One Ride

GOP Rep. Won’t Tell Wolf Blitzer Whether or Not He’s Proud of the Republican Party

CNN Segment Blows Up as Ben Ferguson Suggests Black Football Players Aren’t Politically Active

Breitbart Editor Pledges to Do Bannon’s ‘Dirty Work’ Against the White House to Email Prankster

Woman Berated By Louise Linton on Instagram Speaks Out: Her Response ‘Was Deplorable’

Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron Retiring From Fox News

Tucker Carlson: Trump Staring at Sun Without Glasses ‘Most Impressive Thing Any President Has Done’

Trevor Noah on GOP Approval of Trump’s ‘Both Sides’ Remarks: ‘Clearly No Cross That They Won’t Burn’

Missouri Lawmaker Apologizes For Trump Assassination Comment, Says She Won’t Resign

Scarborough, Others Share Months-Old Article Reporting Seb Gorka Leaving White House

Twitter Reacts to Jerry Lewis’ Death: ‘We Lost One of the Great Ones Today…Possibly the Greatest’

Legendary Comedian Jerry Lewis Dead at 91

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