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Someone in Congress is Going on The Weirdest Wikipedia Editing Spree

George W. Bush Slams #MAGA: Nativism, Bigotry, ‘Casual Cruelty’ Pulling Us Apart

Megyn Kelly Calls on Men to Help Stop Sexual Harassment Culture: ‘Stand Up for Decency’

CNN Airs Gut-Wrenching Interview with Gold Star Family Who Never Heard from Trump

Trump Suggests ‘Fake Dossier’ Was a Conspiracy Between Russia, FBI, Democrats

Trump: Clinton, Obama’s Russian Uranium Deal ‘Biggest Story that Fake Media Doesn’t Want to Follow!’

Sarah Sanders: Gen. John Kelly ‘Disgusted’ by Politicalization of Son’s Death

Jeff Sessions: I Don’t Know If I Can Commit to Not Jailing Reporters for Doing Their Jobs

Katy Tur on Fact-Checking Trump’s Lies: ‘He Was Slippery Like a Snake’

WATCH: White House Press Briefing 10/18/17 LIVE STREAM

Trump Doubles Down on Phone Squabble: I Didn’t Say That and ‘She Knows It’

Twitter Drags Tomi Lahren For Still Not Knowing Why NFL Players Kneel for Anthem

Bill O’Reilly on Trump’s Disputed Call to Soldier’s Widow: ‘Whole Thing Has the Look of a Setup’

Fox & Friends Host Slams Trump Critics for Using ‘Any Piece of Evidence’ to Hit Grieving Widow Call

Meghan McCain ‘Exhausted’ by Trump Attacks: No ‘Threat’ Can Match What My Father’s Gone Through

Trump: ‘I Have Proof’ Dem Rep ‘Totally Fabricated’ Remarks to Grieving Widow

Trump: Comey ‘The Best Thing That Ever Happened to’ Hillary Clinton

Greek PM Asked if He Still Thinks Trump is ‘Evil’ During Joint Press Conference

Anonymous White House Official ‘Confirms’ That Obama Never Called Kelly

WATCH: President Trump Holds Joint Press Conference with Greek PM LIVE STREAM

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