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MRC’s Brent Bozell: Bill O’Reilly Starting To Sound Like OJ Searching For Real Killers

Remember When Matt Lauer Grilled Bill O’Reilly: ‘You Don’t Let Your #1 Guy Go Unless…’

FLASHBACK: Al Franken Said Anthony Weiner’s Resignation Was ‘Right Thing To Do’

Reporters Are Letting Al Franken Duck A Very Important Question

How Journalists Use ‘Science’ in Political Arguments To Advance Their Own Bias

Newsweek Explains Similarities Between Charles Manson and Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Pines For The Days When Her Lies Went Unchallenged

In 2006 Al Franken Was An Influential Political Talk Radio Host, Not ‘Just A Comedian’

WaPo Columnist: Franken Shouldn’t Resign Because He’s A Liberal Democrat

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt ‘Reports’ Franken Was ‘Not Actually Groping’ Leeann Tweeden

Majority of Hardcore NFL Fans Disapprove of Roger Goodell’s Handling of Anthem Protests

That Time Dan Rather Called Bill Clinton Allegations Old News, ‘Let’s Move On’

‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ No More: MTA Adopts Gender Neutral Subway Announcements

WaPo Plays ‘Let’s Pretend’ In ‘What If Hillary Won?’ Fantasy Column

Liberals Call Donna Brazile A ‘Sell Out’ as Her Book Literally Sells Out At Amazon

Mike Pence Defends Power Of Prayer Against Democrats’ Attack

Instead of New Gun Laws, Dems Should Focus On Bureaucratic Incompetence Enforcing Current Ones

No, Today’s Virginia Election is NOT a Referendum on Trump

A Muslim Girl in Virginia WAS Actually Chased By A Vehicle And Killed… But By An Illegal Immigrant

Virginia Governor’s Race Turns Ugly With Ad Depicting Republicans As Racist Predators

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