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Star Prosecutor Turned TV Commentator Just Got Caught Doing Some Dirty Tricks

A Common Legal Maneuver Just Totally Backfired on the Kushner Companies

‘Botox and Looks HORRIBLE’: Anti-Trump FBI Agent Trash Talked Fox News, Megyn Kelly

Trump Needs That Interview Far More Than Mueller

Trump Legal Team Gives Very Creative Answer to Try to Avoid Mueller Interview

Watchdog Group: Newly Released Clinton Emails Show She Knew Security Risks On Home Server

Why Dreamers Should Lose at the U.S. Supreme Court

Fusion GPS Boss More Or Less Called Sarah Huckabee Sanders A Liar

Trump ‘Greatly Exaggerated’ His Finances, Fusion GPS Boss Said

Trump Spreads Complete Delusion About Clinton’s FBI Interview as Stall Tactic

8 Important Details From Fusion GPS’ Secret Testimony (Yes, Pee Tape Included)

Trump Needs That Interview Far More Than Mueller

Judge Questions Mueller Target’s Relationship With Seth Rich Conspiracy Theorist After Bizarre Video

Female Dem Accused Of Sexual Harassment Calls Man A Liar

Investigating Trump For Alleged Sexual Wrongs Might be Unconstitutional

LEGAL ANALYSIS: Dowd’s Right, President Can’t Be Guilty of Obstruction of Justice

In Heated Twitter Exchange, O.J. Simpson Attorney Compares Fred Goldman to ‘Plantation Master’

Teenager Passes Out As Jury Announces Her Guilty Verdict in ‘Hair Weave’ Murder Trial (VIDEO)

Too Hot To Convict? ‘Attractive’ Accused Killer ‘Distracts’ Potential Juror

Judge Rules Feds Can’t Prevent Detained Pregnant Undocumented Girl From Getting Abortion

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