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Biden: The Election Brought Up the ‘Ugliest Realities’ of America

Amid Scandals, Don Jr. and Eric Trump Reportedly Met With GOP Leaders to Strategize

Everything We Know About the Fatal Stabbing on an Oregon Train

Well, Here’s the First Promo for Megyn Kelly’s New Show on NBC

National Recreation Area to High Schoolers: Stop Vandalizing Our Rocks For Promposals

Hillary Clinton Basically Says Donald Trump Presidency Will ‘End in Disgrace With His Impeachment’

Movie Theater Adds More Women-Only Wonder Woman Sparking Twitter Outrage

WATCH: Macron Cooly Ignores Trump Just Long Enough to Make It Uncomfortable

‘I Don’t Think Anybody’s Really Worried’: Carl Higbie Brushes Off Concerns About Fox News ‘Shake-Up’

‘She Was Immoral’: Christian School Stands by Choice Not To Let Pregnant Student Walk at Graduation

Angela Merkel Tells Trump It’s Not the ‘Building of Walls That Make Us Successful’

Ahead of Hearing, Twitter Users Pelt Education Sec. DeVos With #Questions4Betsy

John Kasich Has a Lot of Thoughts About Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Zayn

That Jon Stewart and HBO Animation Collab Isn’t Happening Anymore

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Now Basically Obsessed With Trolling Donald Trump

Howie Kurtz: Trump Covering Up Russia Stuff Is OK…If There’s No Russia Stuff

Rep. Elijah Cummings: ‘There is an Air of Deception Going On’ with White House and Russia Investigation

WATCH LIVE: Mick Mulvaney Testifies About Donald Trump’s Budget

Reaction to Daily Mail Posting Paparazzi Shot of Ariana Grande Post-Attack Is What You’d Expect

Netflix Docu Series Inspires Baltimore PD to Create New Form For Reporting Sex Offense Tips

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