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Anti-Immigration Activist: Public Execution Would Be ‘Too Good’ for Obama

I’ve Got a Nude Photo the NSA Can Look at Right Here

Liberal Compromise on Guns: Arm All the Women

Spielberg Dinosaur, Brooklyn Tarantula, Cancer-Curing Farts: Fake, Fake, Fake

The Crazy Weapons Seized by TSA Will Blow Your Mind, and Likely Your Plane

Christian Group Honors Rosa Parks’ Legacy of Discriminating Against Gays

Clueless Local News Report Mistakes ‘EDM’ for a Scary ‘New Drug’

Bearded Rock Band Hassled by Florida Cops for Seeming Terrorist-y or Something

Cannibal Cop’s Conviction Overturned by Judge; Is That a Good Thing?

Video Shows Police Handcuffing Two Men over Nickelback

7 Reasons Why the ‘Washington Reagans’ Is Actually the Perfect Name

Internet Garbage: That ‘North Korea Condemns Seth Rogen’ Story Is Flimsy Nonsense

MO Church Giving Away AR-15 Rifles to Boost Attendance

Web Browsing Habits of Teens Not as Dire as You’d Think

Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for 25 Years to Sue New York for $165M

Video Surfaces of Texas Police Executing Handcuffed Prisoner

Man Bites Dog Yet Again

The Onion Launches Clickhole, a New Site Skewering BuzzFeed

Donald Trump Falls for Fake Donald Trump Quote Because of Course

How Often Has Hillary Been Depicted as Crazy, Scary, or Masculine on Magazine Covers?

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