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Hallelujah! Anthony Bourdain to Publish Prequel to Graphic Novel Get Jiro

Here Are Your James Beard Finalists for 2015

Shocking News: Following Cooking Shows’ Recipes Will Make You Fat, Says Study

Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson Need $10K to Make Loco’l Happen

David Chang to Open Fried Chicken Restaurant, Fuku

Want to Work at The Braiser? We’re Hiring

Baby Paleo Cookbook On Hold For Health Concerns, Unsurprisingly

Paula Deen Trolling Us All With a New Gaming App (UPDATED)

Christina Tosi Has a New Cookbook, Milk Bar Life

Danny Meyer Is Totes Cool With Chipotle, Starbucks, and In-N-Out; Doesn’t Get McDonald’s

Finally, A Food Critic Admits That Food Critics Are Out Of Touch

What Happens When the Twin Cities’ League of Female Chefs Gets Excluded From Magazine Cover? They Fight Back

Rumormongering: Will Top Chef Film Its Next Season in San Diego?

Dan Barber Recruits Chefs to Cook With Food Waste at Blue Hill

Go Ahead and Google Ramen: Today’s Google Doodle Honors Inventor of Instant Ramen

10 Other Vessels Besides a Trash Can In Which Guy Fieri Should Make His Nachos

Look At That, Paula Deen Is Publishing Cookbooks Again

Report: ABC May Be Canceling The Taste (Finally)

Taco Bell to Offer Deep-Fried Cap’n Crunch Cereal, Officially Drunk Off Breakfast

Mario Batali Is So Hip, He Wrote a Forward For a Fake Brooklyn Cookbook

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