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Why Trump Will Defy Expectations Once More And Be One of The Greatest Presidents

Why Trump Should Never Release His Tax Returns And Dismissing All Conspiracy Theories Why He Won’t

‘Crazy’ vs. ‘Liar’: Voters On The Street Reveal Unpredictable and Uncensored Opinions On Trump vs. Clinton

Inside A Trump’s Supporter Mind! Why Khan, Putin Or Most ‘Trump Gaffes’ Are Irrelevant

Funny? Fair? Forgettable? Republican Ranking of The Late Night Comedy Shows!

Sad! How The Media Empowered Trump Haters To Be Meaner Than Hillary Haters!

Defying Expectations! Why Trump’s Embrace Of Black Lives Matter Could Change Everything!

October Surprise! Why ‘Silent Majority’ Won’t Reveal Trump Support Until Last Moment!

Memo to George Will, Bill Kristol, and All GOP ‘Never-Trumpers’: Good Riddance!

After Orlando, Why Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Got It Right

Memo to David Gregory: Here’s 3 Ways To Save Meet the Press… And Your Job

Memo to Fox: Grab Jay Leno and Jump into Late Night Now

Memo to Chris Christie: For the Good of the GOP, Don’t Run in 2016

Chris Matthews: Politicians Need To Be Tougher Or Smarter Than The Other Side, Obama Was Neither

Rush Limbaugh On Chris Matthews And Al Sharpton: ‘A Bunch Of Parasites’

Tavis Smiley And Cornel West Warn UK Riots Could Happen Here: ‘There Is A Bubbling’

Joe Scarborough: Rooting For The President But Someone In The White House Is Clueless

Ed Schultz On Newsweek’s Bachmann Cover: It’s Not Fair, She Deserves ‘Some Respect’

Matthews To Obama: ‘It’s Not Funny’ To Joke About ‘Shovel-Ready’ Jobs Not Being Ready

Summerslam! Biggest Cable News Personalities Meet Their Professional Wrestling Look-Alikes!

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