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Before I Go, Here Are the 15 Craziest Clips I’ve Covered for Mediaite

Trump’s Latino Superfan Baffles CNN’s Baldwin: He Is ‘My Perfect Man’

Seth Rogen to Ben Carson: ‘F*ck You’

Ben Carson: Why Would I Lie About Getting Held Up at a Popeyes?

WATCH: Fox Sports Uses Trump to Hype U.S. vs. Mexico Soccer Match

‘Kiss My Black Ass!’: Wilmore Rips Apart Murdoch’s ‘Bullsh*t’ Tweet

Trevor Noah Forces Rachel Maddow to Endorse One of the GOP Candidates

WATCH: Trump Takes Credit for Kevin McCarthy Speaker Decision

Blitzer Grills Carson on Shooting Comments and ‘Real Black President’ Remark

Larry Wilmore Has Had It with Ben Carson: ‘You Are Out of Your F*cking Mind’

CNN Seeks to Juice Dem Debate Ratings with Sheryl Crow Performance

Megyn Kelly Opens Up to Charlie Rose: Fox ‘Didn’t Want a War’ with Trump

You’ll Never Guess Which 2016 Candidate’s Facebook Fans Have the Worst Grammar

Ben Carson: Stop Pretending That Every ‘Lifestyle’ Has the ‘Same Value’

Glenn Greenwald on CNN: Obama Can’t Just Apologize for ‘War Crime’

Why Does ISIS Have So Many Toyota Trucks?

Iowa Hillary Fan @KevinMcCarthy Fires Back at Rep. Kevin McCarthy

Leno Explains the Origin of His Feud with Jimmy Kimmel

‘How F*cking Refreshing!’: Wilmore Defends Hillary’s ‘Calculating’ Nature

Lindsey Graham: Carson ‘Has No Idea What He Would Do’ During Shooting

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