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Before I Go, Here Are the 15 Craziest Clips I’ve Covered for Mediaite

Trump’s Latino Superfan Baffles CNN’s Baldwin: He Is ‘My Perfect Man’

Seth Rogen to Ben Carson: ‘F*ck You’

Ben Carson: Why Would I Lie About Getting Held Up at a Popeyes?

WATCH: Fox Sports Uses Trump to Hype U.S. vs. Mexico Soccer Match

‘Kiss My Black Ass!’: Wilmore Rips Apart Murdoch’s ‘Bullsh*t’ Tweet

Trevor Noah Forces Rachel Maddow to Endorse One of the GOP Candidates

WATCH: Trump Takes Credit for Kevin McCarthy Speaker Decision

Boehner Pulls Out of Fallon Appearance Following McCarthy News

Blitzer Grills Carson on Shooting Comments and ‘Real Black President’ Remark

Larry Wilmore Has Had It with Ben Carson: ‘You Are Out of Your F*cking Mind’

CNN Seeks to Juice Dem Debate Ratings with Sheryl Crow Performance

Megyn Kelly Opens Up to Charlie Rose: Fox ‘Didn’t Want a War’ with Trump

You’ll Never Guess Which 2016 Candidate’s Facebook Fans Have the Worst Grammar

Ben Carson: Stop Pretending That Every ‘Lifestyle’ Has the ‘Same Value’

Glenn Greenwald on CNN: Obama Can’t Just Apologize for ‘War Crime’

Why Does ISIS Have So Many Toyota Trucks?

Iowa Hillary Fan @KevinMcCarthy Fires Back at Rep. Kevin McCarthy

Leno Explains the Origin of His Feud with Jimmy Kimmel

‘How F*cking Refreshing!’: Wilmore Defends Hillary’s ‘Calculating’ Nature

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