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Conservatives, ‘Antifa’ Clash at Evergreen State College

CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump ‘Ushering A Return to The Cold War’ With Cuba

Russia Probe is Apparently So Bad Trump’s Lawyer Is Hiring A Lawyer

Organizer of July 4th Boat Parade in New Orleans Cancels Event Over Trump Presidency

Otto Warmbier’s Doctors Reveal Massive Damage To Former Prisoner’s Brain; No Evidence of Botulism

Joy Behar Says Megyn Kelly Should Go Ahead with Alex Jones Interview: ‘He Deserves to be Vilified’

The SKS Rifle, Reportedly Used in Virginia Mass Shooting, Is Not An ‘AK Variant’

NY Times Hypes ‘Link To Political Incitement’ in 2011 Shooting of Rep. Giffords; Twitter Erupts

Trump Calls Steve Scalise a ‘Real Fighter’ After Visiting Hospital

Jeff Toobin Reacts to Report Trump’s Being Investigated for Obstruction: ‘I Told You So’

U.S. Authorities to Charge Turkish Security Guards Over Brutal Attack on Protesters

President Trump Reportedly Under Investigation for Obstruction of Justice

GOP Congressman Injured During Mass Shooting: ‘We Must Play This Baseball Game Tomorrow’

GOP Congresswoman Gets Threatening E-Mail After Shooting: ‘One Down, 216 To Go’

Jake Tapper Throws Newt Gingrich’s 1998 Words About ‘Paid Hacks’ Back at Him

Newsmax’s Christopher Ruddy on Mueller: ‘This Is An Illegitimate Special Counsel’

White House ‘Strongly Condemns’ Arrest of Peaceful Protesters in Russia

Ninth Circuit Rules Against Trump’s Travel Ban

President Trump ‘100 Percent’ Willing To Testify Under Oath in Mueller Probe

J.K. Rowling Unleashes At Vulgar Critics of Theresa May: ‘You’re Not A Liberal’

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