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Senator Scott Brown’s Daughter Benefits From Same Health Care Bill Her Dad Opposes

Mitt Romney Raised A Record $12.5 Million In March

Newt Gingrich Has ‘Survived The Santorum Surge,’ Notes Reporter

Employees Mock GSA With Parody Video Of Careless Spending

Rachel Maddow: Supreme Court Vote May Show If It’s So ‘Conservatively Politicized’ As To ‘Hurt The President’

Romney Tells Heckler: “For Free Stuff… Vote For The Other Guy”

Rev. Al Sharpton And GOP Rep. Spar Over Controversial Voter ID Law On PoliticsNation

Donald Trump Rants About Sacha Baron Cohen’s Oscar Stunt, Wishes Ryan Seacrest Would’ve Punched Him

Brian Williams And Jimmy Fallon ‘Slow Jam The News’

Romney Tells Detroit Crowd That He Drives A Chevy Pickup And Mustang, His Wife Drives Two Cadillacs

‘Volt Obama 2012’ Parody Chevy Commercial Pokes At ‘Obama’ Future

Rep. Allen West Lampoons Liberal Blogs With Steve Urkel Voice

Ex-Victoria’s Secret Model Tells Glenn Beck She Quit Because Of Her Faith

Newt Gingrich Tries To Appeal To Latino Voters With New Web Ad

‘Obama Girl’ Releases New Video For 2012 Election, Tells President: ‘You’d Better Step Up’

David Letterman Presses Nicolas Cage On His Alleged Vampirism

Senate Hopeful Pete Hoekstra Tells Fox News That Controversial Ad Will Continue To Air

Listen To Recovered Audio From Air Force One Hours After JFK Assassination

Newt Gingrich Security Team Reportedly Stomps A Ron Paul Supporter, Kicks Away His Flip-Flop

Tampa Mayor Criticizes GOP Campaigns: ‘This Has Been Nothing More Than A Mud Fest’

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