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Twitter Flips After Shutdown Deadline Passes: ‘Safe Purge Everyone’

Bill Maher Says #MeToo Is Descending Into #MeCarthyism

Richard Painter On Trump’s ‘Kinky Sex’: ‘We’ve Got a Pervert in the White House’

Chuck Todd Invokes Seinfeld to Call Out Shutdown Hypocrisy: ‘Rooting For Laundry’

Trump Tweets After ‘Excellent’ Schumer Meeting on Shutdown: ‘Four Week Extension Would Be Best’

Facebook Will Now Ask Users for Input on Trustworthiness of News Sources

Stormy Daniels To Visit South Carolina Strip Club on Saturday as Part of ‘Making America Horny Again’ Tour

Tucker Carlson: ‘How Many Big Tech Companies Were Started By People From Central and South America?’

Trump Appointee Carl Higbie Resigns After Past Racist Language Exposed: Blacks Have ‘Lax’ Morals

The Tide Pod Doughnut No One Asked For Is Here

Rand Paul: Children With Autism Should Be ‘Pissed Off’ Over Wasteful Government Spending

Shep Smith Hits Trump, GOP: A Shutdown Can’t Happen With One Party in Charge, ‘Right?’

You Idiots And Your Tide Pod Jokes Are Ruining The Life of Tide’s Social Media Person

WikiLeaks Calls Trump Administration ‘A Frequent Source Of False Information’ After Fake News Awards

GOP Rep. Martha McSally: Dems Are ‘D*cking Around’ on Immigration

Seb Gorka Mauls Jeff Flake Over Anti-Trump Speech: ‘An Embarrassment to All That is Good and Wholesome’

Rupert Murdoch Injured in Yachting Accident

Juan Williams Battles Co-Hosts Over Trump: He Deserves ’Lifetime Achievement Award for Fake News’

Bannon Reportedly ‘Slipped Up’ With Comment About Don Jr. Meeting During Hearing

Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury To Be Adapted Into TV Series

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