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A Bittersweet Goodbye

Gloria Borger Can’t See Michelle Obama Running for Senate, Unless ‘Handed to Her’

D-Day Interpretive Dance Caps Off Month of Disrespect for Vets

Susan Rice Scolds Media for Trying Bergdahl in ‘Court of Public Opinion’

Hillary Refused to Support Obama’s Attack on Palin ‘Just for Being a Woman’

Bergdahl Reportedly Converted to Islam, Declared Himself a ‘Mujahid’ in Captivity

Rothman: The War on Democratic Talking Points

Jake Tapper Reports: Army Concluded Bergdahl ‘Left His Outpost Deliberately’

Harry Reid on When He Was Informed of Bergdahl Swap: ‘What Difference Does It Make?’

Hillary Clinton Recognizes Her Benghazi Problem

Bergdahl Squad Leader: Taliban Attacks Got ‘More Direct’ After Bergdahl ‘Deserted’

NBC’s Richard Engel: ‘Getting More Info’ on Bergdahl from Taliban than U.S.

Data Problems for 2 Million Obamacare Enrollees Might Mean No Coverage for Many

Rothman: The 30-Year Democratic Campaign to Be the Pro-Troop Party Implodes

Fmr. Soldier: Military Told Unit to ‘Not Tell the Truth’ About Bergdahl

NY Daily News Editorial Goes Off on Obama ‘Surrendering without Honor’

Bergdahl Team Leader to CNN: He’s a ‘Deserter’ Who Sought Out the Taliban

WSJ Columnist: Obama’s Handling of Bergdahl ‘More Disturbing’ than Benghazi

Gen. Barry McCaffrey: Susan Rice Misled the Public on Sunday Shows… Again

Chuck Todd: White House Anticipated ‘Euphoria’ over Bergdahl Release

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