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Others Haven’t Been Able to Stop Gun Violence, But Maybe the Jews Can

Trump Calls on Jeff Sessions to Investigate Anonymous Op-Ed Author

Brian Ross Returns to Television With George Papadopoulos Scoop

Trump Hails Greg Gianforte, Who Bodyslammed a Reporter: ‘He’s a Fighter!’

Melania Trump Rails Against ‘Cowardly Actions’ of NY Times Op-Ed Author: ‘You Are Sabotaging’ the Country

Associated Press Removes Article Claiming Death of Greek Director Based on Fake Tweet: ‘Gavras is Alive’

Mike Pence Breaks From Trump On Jeff Sessions: ‘I Hold Him in the Highest Regard’

Trevor Noah Torches Kaepernick Haters For Torching Their Nike Gear: Burning Shoe Vids Are ‘Almost Like an Ad’

Brett Kavanaugh Says Roe V. Wade is an ‘Important Precedent’ During Confirmation Hearing

The View Laughs Out Loud at Trump’s Cringeworthy Call With Bob Woodward

Trump Fires Back at Bob Woodward: ‘It’s Just Another Bad Book’

Economist Editor-in-Chief Defends Inviting Steve Bannon to ‘Open Societies’ Festival

Police Reports Reveal Witness Said Beto O’Rourke Tried to Flee the Scene of His 1998 DWI Arrest

Eminem Claims in New Album That The Secret Service Investigated Him For Potential Threat to Trump

H.R. McMaster Hails ‘Unifying Force’ McCain… Then Totally Ducks Question on Trump Flag Fiasco

Ron DeSantis Has Appeared More Than 100 Times on Fox News and Fox Business Since Trump Endorsement

CNN’s Oliver Darcy: Google Can Disprove Trump Charges About State of the Union Bias

Lindsey Graham on CNN: ‘Pisses Me Off’ When Trump Bashes John McCain

MSNBC Guest Calls on DeSantis to Drop Out: Might as Well Have Just Said the N-Word

Sen. Chuck Grassley Pleads Trump in Bizarre Tweet: ‘U Can’t Let’ Don McGahn Leave White House

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