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Winklevoss Twins Not Done Being Mad At Facebook

Katie Couric: Maybe We Need A Muslim Version Of The Cosby Show

This Exists: Man Accused Of Stealing Nintendo Game Boy From Boy’s Casket

Rahm Emmanuel’s Opponent Flushes Toilet During Radio Interview

White House To Press Pool: No Topless Pics Of President Obama

This Exists: HaikuLeaks Sifts Through WikiLeaks To Find Haikus

This Exists: Man Dials 911 To Have “TV News” Arrested

Jimmy McMillan To Challenge President Obama In 2012

Town & Country: CityVille To Eclipse FarmVille On Facebook

New York Times Suing NYPD Over FOIL Requests

Rachel Maddow: “All Hail Shep Smith At Fox News (And I’m Not Kidding)”

O’Reilly On 9/11 First Responders Bill: It Will Pass, Just May Take A Little Longer

WikiLeaked Survey Says 1/3 Of British Muslim Students “Believe Killing In The Name Of Religion Is Justified” (Updated)

Apple Pulls WikiLeaks App From App Store

Iraq Doesn’t Know What To Do With Koran Written In Saddam Hussein’s Blood

Julian Assange Interrupts SNL To Explain Why He Should Be Time‘s Person Of The Year

SNL: Watch Democrats Dream About Better News Headlines In 2011

Stephen Baldwin Wants To Be “The George Soros For Jesus” When He’s A Billionaire

“Government Takeover Of Health Care” Is PolitiFact’s Lie Of The Year

Hustler Publisher Larry Flynt Donating $50,000 To WikiLeaks Defense Fund

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