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So Long, Mediaite; From a Thankful Former Editor

Trump Surrogate Steve Cortes: ‘Burning a Flag Isn’t Speech’ Because It Isn’t ‘Words’

Did You Really Think Trump Was Going to Change?

Worried About Trump’s Assault on the Media? Here’s What You Can Actually Do About It

Charlie Sykes: It’s ‘Fundamentally Disturbing’ That Trump Is Questioning Popular Vote

White House Confirms Obama Chatted With Trump for 45 Minutes Over the Weekend

Trump Voter Who Called Airplane Passengers ‘Hillary Bitches’ Banned from Delta

Here’s Where Trump Is Getting His Ideas About ‘Millions of People’ Voting Illegally

Who Is KT McFarland, Trump’s New Deputy National Security Adviser?

GOP Strategist Pans Jill Stein Recount Effort as ‘Largest List Build the Green Party Has Ever Had’

Sean Hannity Encourages Trump to Blacklist Basically Every Outlet Other Than Fox

Michael Wolff Mocked for Saying Journalists Covering Trump Should Just Transcribe What He Says

White Nationalist Leader ‘Disappointed’ After Trump Brushes Off Their Movement

Roland Martin Told White Nationalist Richard Spencer He Could Self-Deport Too

In Three Hours Trump Cancels, Then Un-Cancels Meeting With the NY Times

7.3 Magnitude Earthquake off the Coast of Fukushima, Japan; Tsunami Evacuation Order in Effect

FEC Finds Errors Regarding $1.3M in Donations to Trump Campaign

Video Shows Suspect Entered Police HQ Hours Before Killing San Antonio Detective

Trump Will Meet Off-The-Record With Major Television Networks

SNL‘s Pete Davidson Responds to Donald Trump’s Criticism: ‘F*ck You Bitch’

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