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Giant Cable Companies Merging Is Bad for You; Only Savior Is an Uber for the Internet

The Bruce Jenner Republican Moment

Breitbart Back On MSNBC, Introduces World To “Jovial And Measured Andrew”

The Common Thread Between Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Jimmy Fallon And Jersey Shore

What Brings DDP, Machete And Black Belt Bodyguard Chuck Zito Together: Reality TV

Sarah Palin Is A Fan Of Movies With Unplanned Pregnancies Like Knocked Up And Juno

Bill Carter Reveals Jeff Zucker And Jay Leno’s Reaction To War For Late Night

James Carville Isn’t Sorry He Joked President Obama Is Missing A ‘Ball’

Shepard Smith Seamlessly Transitions From Junk-Touching To A Car Chase

Glenn Beck’s Next Bestseller Will Veer Into Non-Political, Self-Help Territory

Watch The Cast Of Harry Potter Say “Glenn Beck” And “Mozzarella Sticks”

Democratic Senator Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Fox News And MSNBC Shut Down

Cable’s Top 40 Last Week: Palin, Conan, O’Reilly… And Of Course, SpongeBob

President Bush Called Putin “Cold-Blooded,” Exchanged Trash Talk Over Size Of Their Dogs

Scarborough Shoots Down Bloomberg 2012 Rumors, Takes Shot At Howard Fineman

What Was Harrison Ford On During His Conan Appearance Last Night?

Where Will You Be When Oprah’s Final Favorite Things Episode Airs Friday?

Bristol Palin And “The Situation” Would Like You To Know They Endorse Abstinence

Thanksgiving At The White House: Barbara Walters To Interview The Obamas Next Week

Murkowski Tells Couric Sarah Palin Doesn’t Have “Intellectual Curiosity” To Be President

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