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NRA Scrubs Nugent Video From Website, YouTube

Robert DeNiro Responds To Newt Attack: Joke Was ‘Not Meant To Offend’

Did Newt Gingrich Invent Obama Quote About Gas Prices?

GOP Rep: I’d Have To Personally Kill Some Senators To Get The Ryan Budget Passed

Stephen Colbert Defends Rick Santorum’s ‘Blah People’ Line

How The Iowa Caucus Voting Works: A Quick Primer

Ron Paul Denies Writing Letter On ‘Coming Race War’

Karl Rove Concedes House GOP Blew It On Payroll Tax

Facebook Cites Gingrich As Social Media ‘Savvy’ Politician

Boehner: Grover Who?!

Romney Campaign: CNN Asked Us To Pull Down Brutal Anti-Perry Ad

Michele Bachmann Says ‘Anderson’: The Highlight Reel

Congressional Dysfunction Begins To Spook Old Pros

Jon Stewart: Fox News, The Daily Show Aren’t So Different

Teamsters President: ‘No Regrets’ After Fiery Speech Draws Right-Wing Criticism

Gaffes Could Cost Democrats Anthony Weiner’s Seat

Napolitano To Cantor: Back Off Hurricane Aid-For-Cuts Stance

Huntsman: ‘I Wouldn’t Necessarily Trust Any Of My Opponents Right Now’ On The Economy

Huntsman Dings Perry: ‘Call Me Crazy’ But I Believe In Evolution And Global Warming

W’s Revenge: Ex-Bushies Gang Up On Rick Perry

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