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Richard Painter: Trump Needs to be ‘Removed Under the 25th Amendment’

Jake Tapper: ‘Society is Sophisticated Enough to See Through’ Rod Rosenstein’s Denials

Seth Meyers Blasts Trump’s Golf Club Nosh: ‘In a Real Emergency, No One Goes to the Omelet Bar’

Trump Rips McCabe: Didn’t ‘Go to the Bathroom’ Without ‘Approval of Leakin’ James Comey!’

Michael Caputo Reacts to Roger Stone’s Instagram Post: ‘It’s Hard to Defend Something That’s Stupid’

CNN’s Toobin Rebukes Trump’s McCabe Tweet: ‘The Correct Term Is Not Treasonous, But Patriotic’

Dem Congressman: ‘Take a Deep Breath and Pray,’ Trump’s ‘Totally Out of Control’

John Oliver Roasts Trump for Flying to Florida, Eating Omelet After Declaring National Emergency

McCabe’s 60 Minutes Interview Prompts Lindsey Graham to Call for Senate Hearing

Andrew McCabe Says Rod Rosenstein Discussed Invoking 25th Amendment Against Trump

Andrew McCabe: Rod Rosenstein Offered to Wear Wire into White House

George Conway Tells Trump to Honor the Lord’s Day: Take One Day Off from ‘Debasing’ Your Office

Rush Limbaugh Denies He Influences Trump. Hours Later, Trump Quotes Him in Coup-Touting Tweet.

Lindsey Graham Defends Reallocating Funds for Trump’s Border Wall: It’s ‘Better’ for KY Kids to Have a Secure Border

WATCH: Boris Johnson’s Sister Strips on UK’s Sky TV to Protest Brexit

Maher Rips Dems for ‘Swiping Left’ on Good Candidates: ‘Let’s Not Eat Our Own’

Don Lemon: GOP Hypocrisy ‘Far Beyond the Hypocrisy on the Democratic Side’

Jim Acosta on His Clash With Trump: The President Had a ‘Truth Emergency’ Trying to Make Case for Wall

CNN National Security Analyst Asks: Why Do We ‘Never Hear About’ Kellyanne Conway in Mueller Developments?

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