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PHOTOS: Celebrity Chef Doppelgangers, The Thirdening

PHOTOS: 11 Awesome Celebrity Chef Doppelgangers

Five 4/20-Friendly Restaurants For The Traveling Weed Enthusiast

JOB POSTING: Freelance Tanning Reporter Wanted

Jared Fogle’s New Job; Other Celebrity Food People’s Run-Ins With The Law

Every Day Is Pie Day For The President: 7 Pictures Of Barack Obama With His Favorite Dessert

Your President’s Day Flashback: Remember That Time Giada De Laurentiis Was In A Counting Crows Video?

Celebrity Chef Doppelgangers, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

So Long, Farewell: A Letter from Mediaite’s Resident Flibbertigibbet

Getty Apologizes for Labeling Chimpanzee Photo as Mitt Romney

Fans Create Petition for Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin to Get Paid Like Actual TV Stars

Tom Coburn Hates All Y’all 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates (Except Maybe Rubio)

Dana Perino Bashes NYT for Giving Space to ‘Traitor’ Snowden; Greenwald Fires Back

Family of Alleged Hastert Abuse Victim Speaks Out: ‘I Feel Vindicated’

Rick Perry Gets the Dreaded Iraq War Question

Chinese Hackers Break into US Gov’t Databases, Possibly Access Data of 4 Million Employees

In Touch Hits Back at Duggars: Releasing Records Was Legal, and BTW, You Lied a Lot

Rubio: I Don’t Like ‘Nation-Building’, But I Like ‘Assisting Them in Building Their Nation’

LISTEN: Rick Perry’s Campaign Song Is a Country-Rap Joint About Rick Perry

Martha Stewart Smoked but Didn’t Inhale with Snoop Dogg at Bieber Roast

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