Fox’s Kristin Fisher Confronts Jen Psaki About Biden Administration’s Silence on GameStop Chaos: ‘It’s a Big Story’


For the third straight day, President Joe Biden and his chief spokesperson are keeping silent about the chaos on Wall Street — and one White House correspondent is calling them out.

During Friday’s White House briefing, press secretary Jen Psaki — as she did on Wednesday and Thursday — punted on questions about the wild market fluctuations of GameStop and several other stocks. Fox News White House correspondent Kristin Fisher pursued the topic even after Psaki initially demurred — and was met with the same reticence.

“Do you anticipate President Biden will address the GameStop controversy when he meets with his economic team later this morning?” Fisher said — referring to a meeting with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, among others, which is slated to focus on a Covid relief package.

“The focus of the meeting is about the recovery plan, about the status of the economic recovery, about the data that we saw yesterday,” Psaki replied. “I’m sure they’ll cover a range of topics during that meeting, but that’s not the focus.”

Fisher pressed for any type of comment.

“It’s a big story,” Fisher said.

“I know it’s a big story,” Psaki replied. “But our focus and our big story is getting the American people back to work.”

Experts say scores of small investors could lose big, should GameStop and the other stocks involved crash. But the White House has not yet weighed in — referring comment to the SEC.

Later in the briefing, the AP’s Zeke Miller picked up where Fisher left off.

“One more [question] on GameStop,” Miller said.

“I love the effort!” Psaki replied, tongue-in-cheek. “You guys are trying so hard on this!”

“What is the broader message to the American public, to people around the world, that in large cases, individual investors acting collectively against large financial institutions are shut down pretty much overnight, while the big banks and financial institutions responsible for the 2008 housing crisis got a get-out-of-jail-free card?” Miller asked.

The reply, from the White House chief spokesperson, was essentially — nothing to see here.

“The message is that the U.S. Government is starting to work how it should,” Psaki said. “The SEC is a regulatory agency that oversees and monitors developments along these lines. It is currently in their purview. They’ve put out several statements this week. We will certainly defer to them on that. And I point you to them for further questions.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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