‘That Is Complete Crap’: Van Jones Shoots Down Paul Ryan’s Claim that Biden Would Benefit from Senate GOP Majority


CNN’s Van Jones shot down the idea that a President Joe Biden would be better off with a divided government, calling out the theory as little more than Republican concern trolling.

Speaking with host Chris Cuomo on Tuesday night, Jones forcefully rejected comments from former GOP Speaker Paul Ryan, who somewhat bizarrely suggested earlier on Tuesday that it would be in “Joe Biden’s best interest” for the Republicans to hold onto the Senate, so the new president could avoid being pressured by the left wing of his party into passing much of the agenda he campaigned on.

Cuomo’s other guest, former Republican Congressman Charlie Dent (PA) had just endorsed Ryan’s idea when both Cuomo and Jones challenged the notion — and pointed to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s unprecedented obstruction during the final years of the Obama administration.

“I believe that both Biden and McConnell are incrementalists, they’re pragmatic, they will reach agreements,” Dent insisted. “And I think they have that kind of relationship. Is there going to be partisanship? Of course there will be, but I think they have the ability to get things done on infrastructure, broadbrand, I would even argue China, of courseCovid.. In many respects a Republican-controlled senate is a foil for Joe Biden when his left flank is going to be nipping at him for not pushing hard enough.”

“Am I still too wounded by hearing McConnell say this three-week sabotage is how it always goes in transition to believe that he would be ever incremental in moving to the other side? What’s your take?” Cuomo asked of Jones, who had been amusedly smiling during much of Dent’s answer.

“I think the Democrats need the ability to govern, that means they need the Senate,” Jones put it succinctly before slapping down the Republican contrarianism. “There’s this theory out there from people who suddenly love the Democratic Party and love Joe Biden and want Joe Biden to do well, giving him great advice to let most obstructionist majority leader in American history keep his gavel, that’s somehow going to make Biden have a better presidency. That is complete crap.”

“What we know about McConnell is he is very, very focused on maintaining power, blocking Democrats, packing courts,” Jones continued. “He’s not going to change. Has he done some things? Yeah, he did a couple of things. But he didn’t do a lot when it comes to Democrats. I think that Biden himself is moderate enough. He doesn’t need to be able to point to somebody else and say I would give you all the left-wing ideas but Republicans won’t let me do it. He can speak for himself and say what he is for and what he is not. He did it through the whole primary. I just think this whole line of reasoning is ill-considered. Biden needs the full power of the government in his hands the same way Trump had it in his hands to undo the damage that Trump did. And McConnell is not going to be a great partner and certainly not going to be as good a partner as [Chuck] Schumer would be in that effort.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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