Best of The Shining: Clips, Parodies and Recut Trailers

Screen shot 2009-10-31 at 10.29.33 AMI read The Shining before I ever saw the movie, when I was maybe 12. It’s an incredible book, one which taught me to fear hotel room bathtubs, what a topiary was, why you can’t forget about the boiler, and the phrase “officious little prick” (I’ve met plenty of them since then.) I hate horror movies in general but I make a huge exception for this one, because I loved Stephen King books so much growing up and because this one was so damn good. Directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Jack Nicholson in what might be his most iconic role, it’s a classic movie filled with classic clips. So — in the spirit of Hallowe’en, Mediaite brings you a celebration of The Shining — from The Simpsons to The Family Guy and all the redrum in between.

>>>FIRST UP: My Bloody Elevator

Redrum Redrum Redrum
Heeeeere’s Johnny!
The Hallway Scene
The Hallway Scene – Family Guy

“Wendy, Give Me The Bat.”
All Work and No Play…
Room 237
The Simpsons Takes On The Shining
Heeeere’s Homer!
The Shining Trailer…Recut
Fun With Furries
Sometimes When We Touch (And Hack Each Other With An Ax)

Lego Shining
The Shining: Final Scene
R.I.P. Jack Torrance

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