Congratulations Meet the Press, You’re Now Morning Joe


While NBC News was still dragging out l’Affaire de Gregory, rumors swirled that Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski would nab the hosting slot, a suggestion that caused the vast majority of us to holler for the bartender. This Sunday morning we got a peek at why.

Scarborough’s been on MTP as a guest before, and he’s usually toned down his act to Weekend Joe to befit the more respectable Sunday show environment. Weekend Joe, however, was nowhere in evidence Sunday when he and MJ-regular David Axelrod got into a name-calling spat over the ebola panic, leading to one of those shoutfests that plague cable news and are in no short supply on Scarborough’s weekday show. In fact with MJ-regulars Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell flanking the two the bit was indistinguishable from a Morning Joe segment, and just as ultimately useless.

This monlogue from Scarborough, for instance, could be seen any morning Monday-Friday on MSNBC:

Axelrod v. Scarborough, meanwhile, was a prime example of why Morning Joe is such a drag to watch: insightful and knowledgeable guests are brought on and then shouted over. Note in the clip below that Gwen Ifill, the sole NBC News/MSNBC outsider, posed a salient question: what role does the media play in fomenting unnecessary panic over issues like ebola? It was a real time meta-commentary on the panel she was on — as well as other interviews happening simultaneously — but Ifill, less familiar with the cable news environment, or perhaps thinking for some reason that she wasn’t on cable news at all, went unheard:

We already have five days a week of Joe Scarborough yelling over people who intersect his rhetorical momentum. Must we add a sixth?

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