Glenn Beck And Paul Ryan Tell Each Other ‘I Love You’ During Cloying Radio Interview


Glenn Beck and Paul Ryan sitting in a tree,
First comes “I love you,”
Then “I love you too,”
Then a romantic radio interview!

Seriously, you guys, I think Glenn and Paul are totally like a couple now! I was eavesdropping on their conversation earlier in between third and fourth periods. You know, during Glenn’s nationally syndicated radio show. Anyway, Glenn was being such a flirt and talking about how much he loved the House Republicans’ 2012 budget proposal and Paul was totally playing it cool and being all, “Well, my committee is mostly House freshmen so that’s pretty cool or whatever.” But then Beck totally said the L-word! Not “like!” Not even “like like!” And then Paul said he loved Glenn too! Oh my God, you guys! It was so cute I nearly died!

Glenn went on and said that he had been losing hope about the 2012 budget and like prom and whatever, and then he said it was like Paul rode in on a “white horse.” It’s so totally poetic! It’s totally like that time that Paul gave that awesome speech and Glenn said he could “feel” how good it was. I knew they were gonna hook up even back then! I did! I totally told Allison! You can ask her!

Anyway, it was so sweet. I couldn’t see them because my locker is on the wrong side of the hall and because I’m not a member of Glenn Beck Insider Extreme, but I bet Glenn’s notebook is just covered with doodle hearts and the name “Glenn Ryan” over and over again.

For realsies, you guys. Listen to the audio below and try and tell me you’re not gonna vote them Cutest Couple! Just try!


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