How Did You Last Waste #50bucks? (VIDEO) (HOT MODELS)


Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 12.25.12 PMRemember that Robin Hood Food For Good campaign? Using social media to help raise money and awarness via the handy iFed page? Of course you do, and I bet you’re pleased at this timely reminder to donate. Well anyway, part of any self-respecting social media campaign is a viral video guaranteed to be passed along between friends like an awkward cold sore — and that’s exactly what we have!

Not an awkward cold sore, a viral video: Comedy group The Tenderloins made a video to show how $50 really isn’t that much to donate — especially to feed a family of 8! — because let’s face it, we’ve all blown $50 in idiotic, regrettable ways. That’s the hook for the next iFed Robin Hood Food For Good (aka “The Charitable Campaign Name With The Most “OO”s Ever”) Twitter campaign: How did you last blow #50bucks? Some examples:

How did you last waste #50bucks? // Trip to Duane Reade! Everything you need…and lots you don’t.

Most embarrassing way to waste #50bucks? // Caviar on a first date. A lot to pay for no play.

Most embarrassing waste of #$50? // Late-night Craigslist prowling resulting in 1 ticket to the Journey reunion.

How did I waste #50bucks? // Two words: Bikini wax. It’s winter, bite me.

See how easy that is? About as easy as finding an excuse not to get that bikini wax. Ladies, you’re welcome; gentlemen, oh relax, the 70s are coming back. Anyhow! The point is, you won’t miss $50. So do some good with it and donate to the Robin Hood Food For Good campaign to feed a family of 8 this Thanksgiving. But don’t take it from me, take it from these hot Ford models:

(Yes, they are Ford Models and yes, they do think philanthropy is hot. So do bloggers but whatever, I know my place in the pecking order.)

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