Legal Sea Foods Sexist Ad Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Cold Fish’


Legal Sea Foods has capitalized on the 2016 election by running a series of politically-themed ads with the tagline “Berkowitz for President” and the hashtag #FeelTheBerk. The ads depict the company’s president, Roger Berkowitz in a mock campaign against the current candidates. A couple of the advertisements have been funny, almost: “The way I see it, these other candidates are kinda like my fish. They don’t have a leg to stand on.”

This one takes it a step further, and it totally misses the mark. It’s flat out sexist. It’s a picture of Hillary Clinton with the caption, “We have a term for cold fish. Sushi.”


“Cold fish” is an outdated and mysoginist term to describe a woman who is “frigid.” Of course, there has been considerable backlash on Twitter:



It’s also worth pointing out that sushi doesn’t even mean cold fish. The term “sushi” refers to the rice, made with vinegar:


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