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Smart Hollywood: My Top Ten Fave Films of the 00’s

10. Superbad (2007)

Let’s face it, Judd Apatow has dominated the 00’s comedy movie scene like no other writer/director/producer/mensch out there. I mean multi-hyphenate doesn’t even cover it when you consider everything he has brought to the table since his feature film directorial debut “The 40 Year Old Virgin” (a very very near miss to this list by the way). And yeah in case you were wondering, Judd also wrote and produced that one too. But anyway, thanks to Judd’s mentoring of a funny/furry young actor/screenwriter named Seth Rogen (another multi-hyphenate who in the next decade will add superhero to his name when he stars in “The Green Hornet”, which he also is writing/producing) and Judd’s newfound power in Hollywood, ‘Superbad’ was born. And in the process so was the defining high school comedy of the 00’s, a worthy successor to any of John Hughes 80’s classics – but without a doubt, raunchier and funnier than those films which seem almost chaste in comparison. A simple tale of some high school buds trying to buy liquor and lose their virginity, what the film lacks in originality (I think I pretty much just summarized the plot of every high school movie ever made including High School Musical – if High School Musical was made by any other studio besides Disney that is), ‘Superbad’ makes up for with its heart and its realistic depiction of two best friends’ bitter-sweet realization that things may never be the same when high school ends. And oh yeah, did I mention the blisteringly funny dialogue and spot on performances by a great cast on display? Well, for all of the above reasons, “Superbad” will live on and on. And if you want a fun double feature recommendation, watch “Superbad” back to back with “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (another all-time classic high school flick that has heart to go with its wit) and witness a high school world before cell phones and the internet, and where high school seniors looked like they were 30 (yes, Judge Reinhold, I’m talking about you).

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