Smart Hollywood: My Top Ten Fave Films of the 00’s

6. Any Pixar animated movie

Ok, I’m cheating here as I’m not going to just name one Pixar film (though if you forced me to choose I would probably pick this year’s academy-award contender, “Up” (2009), “Finding Nemo” (2003), or “The Incredibles” (2004) – see you force me to choose and I still pick 3! That’s how good Pixar is!). As the 2000’s come to a close, computer animated films are de rigeur, with every major Hollywood studio and many indie studios releasing such films (some more successfully than others). But if you think back to the ancient days of 2000, Pixar was basically the only game in town (Dreamworks had released Antz in 1998 and was prepping Shrek for a 2001 release which would soon finally give Pixar some worthy competition). You might think a studio with essentially no competition could possibly get complacent or release substandard product and take advantage of an audience hungry for computer animated fare. Not Pixar. And movie lovers everywhere are the winners in this case. Each of Pixar’s animated films are incredibly re-watchable and every film they released this decade was revolutionary in its own way – so honestly, just insert your designated Pixar choice here. These movies are all instant masterpieces not only because of their visual inventiveness and creativity, but because at the heart of every Pixar film is good old-fashioned story-telling that connects and stays with the viewer on an emotional level. These films truly play to an audience of any age, and without a doubt will continue to play on and on to new generations of film goers. They are the new Disney classics. For more on “Up”, which was recently released on DVD/Blu-Ray, see my musings in my “Smart Pick of the Week” posting about “Up” at

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