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Stop Blaming Actual Journalism For President Trump

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-10-50-27-amA disturbing trend has been happening over the last few weeks in alignment with Hillary Clinton‘s cratering poll numbers.

The rare encampment of journalists left who cover the former Secretary of State equally as critically as Donald Trump have already been anointed as the pinatas responsible if he’s elected.

This tweet is just one of dozens I receive on a daily basis.

Clinton supporters, Democratic operatives, and “liberal” journalists have become so concerned with her inability to put away a quasi-fascist—an occurrence progressive journalists like myself predicted months ago while reporting on Bernie Sanders‘ much stronger poll numbers against Trump—that they’ve begun to place blame wherever they can find it.

It’s those damn millennials; Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, and of course, progressive journalists like the International Business Times’ David Sirota, NY Daily News columnist Shaun King, Democracy Now host Amy Goodman, The Intercept’s Lee Fang, myself, and many more.

You see, since Donald Trump is a complete menace to society (he is) and the world may end in 12 hours upon his election (it won’t), I shouldn’t report vigorously for The Young Turks and TYT Politics about the shady, if not corrupt, traits surrounding her donors; or her continued reliance on fossil fuel money; support for fracking; support for the TPP (her “opposition” to it as candidate doesn’t jive with her campaign instructing her Democratic platform representatives to strip the document of  anti-TPP language); silence on the Dakota Access Pipeline; courting of Republican donors and neocons; plush private fundraising marathons, and on and on we go.

Hillary’s evolution from the primary season’s “progressive who gets things done” to the general election’s “I’ve got something for everyone”…just stop talking about it Jordan! Donald Trump may be president, and if so, I’m coming after you!

This paraphrased aside is just one slightly less curse-laden version of the tweets, emails, and now calls I’ve received from shaking-in-their-boots Democrats, preemptively trying to stop journalists from, well, doing journalism, if it hurts Clinton.

Let me be clear: aside from my personal opinion (blasphemy, you’re a reporter, you’re not allowed to have one!), the facts show Donald Trump has risen by peddling in horrific racism, xenophobia, misogyny, violence, and a post-factual bubble that an adoring, ratings-obsessed media helped fill.

He deserves relentless, substantive coverage, on his shady business ties across the globe, ignoring violence at his rallies, lies about President Obama’s birthplace, trickle-down tax plan masked as middle-class relief, mistreatment of workers and the press, and more.

Frankly, high-profile media organizations with the resources should have separate units dedicated exclusively to fact-checking Trump since there’s one or two lies leaving his mouth per sentence.

But the attack on truth Trump represents doesn’t absolve Hillary Clinton—or the clearly corrupt Democratic Party she now represents—from critical coverage.

I won’t hide the fact that I cover Clinton more on a daily basis, as unlike the majority of mainstream media, I don’t find Trump’s every tweet, ignorant statement, or booger to be of news value (but it’s sure been of ratings and click value for media folks, hasn’t it?).

I also don’t find it particularly valuable to be the 75th journalist within the hour to tweet or write the same story about Trump, only differentiated with a slightly less click-baity headline.

But since so few journalists are actually covering in-depth the pay-for-play emails and documents surrounding Clinton, her lack of an actual message (no, I’m not Trump isn’t a message), history of flip-flopping and neocon-ism, and a record that really makes her a liberal Republican, journalists who do are actually offering viewers craving for the real story a valuable service.

If Donald Trump becomes president, don’t look at me, or the aforementioned journalists, or Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, or the mailman.

Look at Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment; who continued preaching “stronger together” and Trump=bad.

But we’re never willing to end business-as-usual, government by the highest bidder—and never understood just why the populist embrace for outsiders held such an intense disdain for insiders like them.

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Jordan Chariton is a Politics Reporter for The Young Turks, covering the presidential campaign trail, where he’s interviewing voters on both sides along with candidates. Follow him @JordanChariton and watch videos at
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