Trump Rejects U.N. Violence Against Women Resolution: ‘We Don’t Recognize Abortion as Family Planning’


Another day, another “pro-life” hypocrisy. On Thursday, the Trump administration announced it would reject a United Nations resolution to combat violence against women, solely because the resolution included language on access to safe abortions.

Every year, according to the United Nations, some 50,000 women die from unsafe abortions, and that’s 50,000 lives that could be spared by wider access to safe, legal abortions. In the United States alone, for every 100,000 pregnancies, 9.2 women die of pregnancy-related causes.

Still, Jason Mack, the U.S. First Secretary to the UN in Geneva, said that the United States would reject the resolution because the Trump administration does “not recognise abortion as a method of family planning, nor do we support abortion in our reproductive health assistance.”

And at any rate, even if it did, given how the Trump admin and Republican-controlled Congress never miss an opportunity to cut funding for or raise new barriers to accessing women’s health and family planning services, this wouldn’t mean much. Trump, Pence, and their anti-woman Republican cohort seem to loathe access to family planning methods like birth control, the very preventative health care that lowers abortion rates, as much as they loathe access to abortion.

At any rate, this wouldn’t be the first time the Trump administration has demonstrated its willingness to play politics with women’s health and safety on a world scale. Just days after taking office, free speech-loving Trump signed off on an executive order that strips global organizations of funding for so much as telling women about information about abortion.

He signed off on the legislation that could jeopardize the health and safety of millions of women of color around the world, with a handful of old white men smiling ever-so smugly behind him.

Additionally, just last month, the State Department announced a new program called Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance, which will receive $8.8 billion to fund non-governmental organisations around the world that comply with the aforementioned global gag rule.

We can only wonder how long it’s going to take “pro-life” advocates like Trump to pick up a history book and see that making abortion illegal by no means stops the procedure from happening — in many cases, it just results in suffering, injuries, and even death for women around the world.

Not even touching on how lack of safe access to abortion endangers women everywhere — in the United States, where restrictions in rural states are decimating access and in states like Texas, bringing back self-terminations — let’s just consider how violence against women around the world remains a huge problem, and as the purported leader of the free world, the United States should be committed to fighting this problem.

The fact that the United States is refusing to participate in this resolution to appease the notions of moral superiority of a handful of men who think fertilized eggs but not women deserve protection, should be regarded as a global humiliation.

On Wednesday, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren told her Republican peers on the Senate floor that “calling something ‘pro-life’ won’t keep women from dying from back-alley abortions,” and as of this week, around the world, her words have never rung more true.

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