‘The Idea That Guns Are the Problem Here Is Ridiculous’: Congressman Representing Nashville School in Mass Shooting Scoffs at Gun Control 


Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN) dismissed calls for gun control just days after three children and three adults were shot and killed at an elementary school in his district in Nashville.

On Monday, a woman shot her way through The Covenant School and began the rampage that ended when officers entered the school and killed her.

The shooting prompted calls from liberals to implement stricter gun control measures. Conservatives, meanwhile, said the focus should be on mental health and fortifying schools.

Ogles appeared on Friday’s edition of The Ingraham Angle on Fox News to discuss.

“CBS has decided it’s not worth mentioning that the killer was transgender,” Laura Ingraham said. “According to the New York Post, CBS executives, Congressman, says the shooter’s gender identity has not been confirmed by CBS News.”

She added sarcastically, “I’m sure they’d do that if the killer was a member of the NRA or something.”

“I mean, this is clearly pursuing a leftist agenda,” Ogles replied, before referencing a protest at the Tennessee state capitol in Nashville on Thursday. “The folks that rushed and stormed the Tennessee state capitol – by the way, if you were to use Jan. 6 as the model, every one of those people should be incarcerated without due process.”

Ogles repeated the popular Republican refrain that “the government is being weaponized” against conservatives. He then said guns aren’t the issue.

“This clearly is someone who was deeply troubled,” he continued. “And the idea that guns are the problem here is ridiculous. This individual had, you know, mental illness and [was] a murderer.”

The congressman came under renewed scrutiny this week after his family Christmas card resurfaced. It showed his family, including two children, holding rifles.

Watch above via Fox News.

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