comScore Adam Schiff: Trump Acts Like Someone Compromised by Putin

Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump Acts ‘Like Someone who is Compromised’ by Putin

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said on Sunday that the President of the United States acts like someone who has been compromised by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Speaking on ABC News This Week, Rep. Adam Schiff had this to say when asked by George Stephanopoulos if he believes Trump is compromised by Putin: “Well, I certainly think he is acting like someone who is compromised and it very well may be that he is compromised, or that he believes that he is compromised, that the Russians have information on him.”

He then noted that “we were not permitted to look into one of the allegations that is most serious to me, and that is ‘were the Russians laundering money through the Trump organization?’ The Republicans wouldn’t allow us to go near that, and I hope Bob Mueller is investigating it because again if that is the leverage the Russians are using it would explain the president’s behavior but it would help protect the country by knowing our president was compromised.”

Schiff’s comments as controversy continues to swirl over Trump’s unwilling to denounce Russian election meddling to Putin’s face, something that Trump threw flames on Sunday night when he sent out a tweet declaring Russia’s meddling “a hoax.”

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