comScore ‘Breaking Wind News’: CNN’s New Day Mocks Trump’s Over the Top Rally Speech

‘Breaking Wind News’: CNN’s New Day Mocks Trump’s Over the Top Rally Speech

CNN’s New Day had a go at President Donald Trump Friday morning, ridiculing a couple of odder moments in which the commander in chief boasted about his expertise in wind and bragged about his “elite” status.

Co-host John Berman set up the segment by citing fellow anchor Alisyn Camerota’s curious usage of “breaking wind news” (though Camerota’s reaction suggests that he set her up)  before playing a couple of clips of Trump’s display of his signature braggadocio the New Day panel took turns mocking Trump’s audacious claims.

After viewers saw Trump bragging about the “best schools” he attended, Berman reasonably noted that there is no way of knowing what sort of student Trump was since he allegedly directed his lawyer to keep the school from releasing his grades.

There is a reason why President Trump, or any other stand-up performer for that matter, hits the same material during a performance: he knows it works. And Thursday nights MAGA Rally in Grand Rapids, the first since AG Bill Barr released a four-page letter ostensibly clearing Trump’s name, was no different.

But this is the same reason CNN programming ridicule the more ridiculous political moments of the day. It might be predictable but it is no less enjoyable.

Watch above, via CNN.

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