Colbert Burns Trump for Being Obsessed With Being Liked: ‘So Many People Can’t Stand Him’


Late Show host Stephen Colbert hit President Donald Trump where it hurts the most on Friday, right in the ratings.

Colbert started out by noting Trump is “obsessed” with being liked, which is why “so many people can’t stand him.”

He then turned to recently uncovered ratings which show some people don’t have positive associations with Trump at all.

According to a New York Times report, the president doesn’t fare very well when it comes to e-poll market research.

“Donald Trump does not do well in these e-ratings,” Colbert explained. “His overall strong negative appeal was 39%, compared to a strong positive appeal of just 14%.”

He added the e-score “measures the appeal and awareness of celebrities and also tracks how individuals score on more than 40 personality and physical attributes…And the characteristics most associated with the president were ‘aggressive’ and ‘mean,’ two of the rejected seven dwarfs.”

Trump also “scored high for being ‘confident’ and ‘creepy'” according to the comedian.

“By the way, confident and creepy is the same combination score you’d give a spider your shower,” Colbert quipped.
“But here’s the part Trump’s really not going to like. His lowest scores were for the attributes of ‘sexy,’ ‘handsome,’ and ‘physically fit.'”

Driving his point home, Colbert showed a series on unflattering Trump photos.

Watch above, via CBS

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