Con Artist! CNN Panel Ridicules Trump’s Reported Huge Financial Losses: ‘Opposite of the Midas Touch’

CNN’s New Day dedicated a segment to the bombshell New York Times report that outlined Donald Trump’s massive financial losses over a ten year period starting in the mid-1980s, according to tax documents obtained. The stunning report flies in the face of the mythology of the successful “Art of the Deal” business acumen that lay at the heart of supposed billionaire Trump’s reputation that helped the non-politician get elected President in 2016.

Co-host John Berman opened by quoting NY Times The Daily podcast host Michael Barbaro’s suggestion of why President Trump doesn’t want anyone to see his tax returns (suggesting that it would be quite embarrassing for the commander in chief.) Then, after reviewing the stunning 10-year run of being in the red, Alisyn Camerota put plainly that Trump had the “opposite of the Midas touch” suggesting that every single business that he touched, went south. “Everything from his casinos, hotels, retail space, airline. All were bad bets.”

Trump biographer Michael D’antonio jumped in referencing Trump’s claim of being a “great builder,” before dismissing that claim by saying “he was really a great builder of an image that made him president of the United States.”

Camerota turned to author David Cay Johnson and asked: “You have a word for someone who can build up an image despite the facts, correct?”

Johnson metaphorically spiked the ball, simply answering that, in his esteem, Trump is a “con artist.”

Watch above via CNN.

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