David Gregory: Barr Investigation into Russian Probe Origins Gives Trump a New, Shiny Object in an Election Year


CNN’s David Gregory explained the political impact of the news that Attorney General William Barr has appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate the originals of the Russian probe that culminated in the release of the Mueller Report.

After airing a segment of Sen. Kamala Harris grilling AG Barr over whether the White House had directed Barr to start any investigations, it was noted that President Donald Trump has long claimed that the entire investigation into Russian election interference and possible coordination with the Trump campaign a “hoax” a “witch hunt” and a scandal much bigger than even Watergate.

Gregory first opined that Russian President Vladimir Putin must be beside himself with joy, considering how much return on he’s gotten from a relatively “small investment.” Speaking as Putin, Gregory offered: “I’ve got the United States not only reeling from my interference in the 2016 race but now we have the government turning against the FBI and the intelligence community rather than on us when we were the perpetrator.”

He then pivoted to the specific political impact of Barr’s new announced investigation, saying “But the idea that the predicate for the investigation wasn’t sound is exactly what President Trump, the bereaved President Trump and those close to him, want this to be, a conspiracy.”

He finished with “I think this is timed, in effect, to give the president a new, shiny object to hold up in the election year.”

Watch above via CNN.

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