Dem Rep., 2020 Candidate Seth Moulton Calls Trump ‘Fundamentally Unpatriotic’ For Citing Kim’s Insults of Biden

Democratic Presidential candidate and marine veteran Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) blasted President Donald Trump as “fundamentally unpatriotic” for endorsing the insults lobbed at former Vice President Joe Biden by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

“We’ve had some terrible presidents in our history,” Moulton told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “We’ve had presidents who are immoral, who are backwards, who have terrible policies. We’ve had presidents who are criminals like Richard Nixon. I don’t think we’ve ever had a president who is so fundamentally unpatriotic. Even Richard Nixon served his country and was proud to do so. This president is much more interested in siding with dictators if it’s good for his ratings. And that’s pretty pathetic for the commander in chief.”

The Democratic Congressman’s comments were aimed at Trump’s latest embrace of North Korea’s tyrannical regime. While on a state trip to Japan this past weekend, Trump tweeted out that he “smiled” when he heard the North Koreans insult Biden as “a low IQ individual.” Trump then doubled down on that sentiment during a press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, where he was asked about the tweet and replied: “[Biden] probably is, based on his record. I think I agree with [Kim Jong-un] on that.”

Siding with a despot know for brutal murder and mass starvation of his people even drew the ire of a Republican Congressman and Fox News panelists, who were stunned by Trump’s political pettiness.

Molting said he particularly incensed at how Trump’s dismissal of continued missile tests by North Korea served to minimize the national security concerns of regional allies like South Korea and Japan. Those tests are in violation of UN accords according to Trump’s own national security adviser, John Bolton, but the president has brushed concerns about them aside.

“When I was a marine in the First Marine Division, actually serving under General James Mattis, who would of course become Trump’s Secretary of Defense, our division motto was: ‘No better friend, no worse enemy than the United States marine.’ That should be the motto for the United States of America,” Moulton said. “It means that we show ultimate resolve to North Korea that we are not going to put up with them firing off missiles. Trump is doing the exact opposite, and it’s why he is so fundamentally unfit to be our commander in chief.”

Trump has held two high-profile summits with Kim Jong-un but failed to achieve any progress on denuclearization of North Korea, the signature priority. His first meeting in Singapore in 2017 did achieve some small breakthroughs — among them, a plan to resume returning US servicemembers’ remains from the Korean War — but recently even that cooperation has fallen apart.

Watch video above, via CNN.

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