Dershowitz: Pundits Claiming Trump is an Unindicted Co-Conspirator are ‘Just Wrong’

Speaking on Fox News on Wednesday, Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz claimed that despite concerns over former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen‘s explosive claims, they are “not going to get close” to an impeachment track with President Donald Trump.

Dershowitz started by calling out pundits who claim Cohen’s implicating Trump in the hush money payout makes the president an unindicted co-conspirator in Cohen’s crime, noting they are just wrong “as a matter of basic criminal law.”

He then claimed that the accusations made against Trump in Cohen’s statement were no more than an “add-on.”

“This was an add-on, they had him dead to rights on the medallions, on the taxes — they threw this in, not a very strong case, they threw it in in order to give him an opportunity to say something negative about Donald Trump. Look, they’re not interested in Cohen, they’re interested in Trump…And so, they threw in the campaign contribution law in order to find a connection to Trump. Medallions have no connection to Trump, taxes have no connection to trump, this is the only alleged crime that has a connection to Trump.”

Dershowitz also downplayed the impact Cohen’s statement will have on Trump.

“They’re not going to get close on an impeachment track,” he told host Bret Baier. “They are not going to find the crime.”

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