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Ex-Wife of Second Disgraced Trump Aide Speaks Out: ‘He Has Put a Cigarette Out On My Hand’

Amid the Rob Porter controversy, another White House staffer resigned due to allegations of spousal abuse. David Sorensen left his job as a White House speechwriter Friday after his former wife, Jessica Corbett, alleged that, while they were married, he ran a car over her foot, put a cigarette out on her hand and threw her against a wall — among other horrific acts.

Now, Corbett has spoken to NBC News and offered more detail as to the brutality she faced while being married to the former speechwriter for President Donald Trump.

“He yelled at me nearly every day we were married,” she said. “He has thrown me into a wall. He has put a cigarette out on my hand. He has left me stranded in countless airports, cut off my credit cards in the middle of the night, drained my bank account, told me that I can’t come home or that I would be homeless.”

She also told a reporter that she was visited by the FBI last fall, as part of a background check into Sorensen. Corbett said that she was forthright with the investigators, telling them of the same allegations she has now gone public with and even playing them audio of the kind of verbal abuse she regularly faced.

“The recording that was heard by the FBI was just one of so many,” she said.

As for Trump himself, he sent a tweet on Saturday, demanding justice for Porter and Sorensen, making no mention of their spouses or the specific allegations levied against both men.

Sorensen has stated that he is innocent and did not abuse his wife, going as far as to say that she is the one who abused him.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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