Jeffrey Toobin Calls Out Trump ‘TREASON’ Tweet: ‘Grotesque Abuse of Power’

CNN’s New Day anchor John Berman made that rare decision to ostensibly interrupt a discussion to read aloud something President Donald Trump had just tweeted. Yes, they cover Trump tweets all the time, but typically some time is taken to prep graphics and consider how a segment should unfold. But this latest Trump tweet was such a doozy, it rightfully merited immediate attention.

Trump tweeted that his campaign was “conclusively” spied upon which he then proclaimed that “this was TREASON” incorrectly calling for “long jail sentences.” That tweet:

Berman read the tweet and cued CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin for immediate analysis.

Toobin jumped right in and made clear that “treason is a crime for which death is a potential penalty!”  He added, “It is so reckless and irresponsible to talk that way.”

He then noted how ” this president has done has violated so many norms,” noted that this behavior is not illegal, but it is ” is really a grotesque abuse of power.”

Toobin wrapped his assessment by adding “It’s gone on for so long now, that we’re kind of, oh, well, it’s just another tweet.”

Watch above via CNN.

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