Scarborough: Barr’s Reputation is Absolutely Shot; We May Change Way We Choose Our AGs


Joe Scarborough continued his vocal criticism of William Barr Thursday morning, just hours before the recently appointed Attorney General is set to host a press conference focused on a redacted Mueller Report to be delivered to Congress, and the public, later today.

Barr’s public relations handling of this release has received vocal criticism from Democratic members of Congress and vocal media personalities, however, Scarborough took his critique a step further.

“He does something once again that is going to scuff up his reputation. Absolutely his reputation is shot,” Scarborough offered, adding “Here’s a guy that served in Washington for 30 years, had the respect of Republicans — he won’t get his reputation back. It’s shot. Sullied, the way he’s handled himself.”

The highly-anticipated Mueller Report is, of course, the culmination of nearly two years of investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into the possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian efforts to influence the 2016 general election, and possible obstruction of justice that followed suit.

Barr received the report roughly three weeks ago, and within two days released a 4-page summary that was very glowing to President Donald Trump. Reports have since surfaced that Barr’s team has also communicated with White House attorneys who are preparing a rebuttal, in advance of Thursday’s release.

Later in the segment, Scarborough then suggested that Barr’s behavior may “ultimately be responsible for changing the way we choose our attorney generals.” He then clarified, saying “We’ve seen the breaching of norms and political norms and it seems bizarre at this point that a president should be able to select their own attorney general, who can decide how the investigations are run against them.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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