Joe Scarborough: Trump ‘Wants to Be Impeached So Badly’ and ‘Loves Playing the Victim’


Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough simply explained his theory as to why President Donald Trump seems somewhat obsessed with impeachment. Or, as panelist John Heilemann asked: “is he trying to turn impeachment into a profanity?” or is this just simply stuck in his head?

Scarborough answered plainly that Trump “wants to be impeached so badly.”

After Mika Brzezinski chimed in with “and Nancy knows that” Scarborough explained further.

“He wants to be impeached so badly so the Senate can then decide that he’s not going to be convicted, can acquit him, and he saw what happened with Bill Clinton whose presidency he looks at and studies an awful lot and he saw that Bill Clinton went up to 60% after he was impeached,” Scarborough offered.

He then added that President Trump “knows he’s got no record to run on, So he wants to to be victimized,  as Nancy Pelosi said yesterday.”

Watch above via MSNBC.


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