John Bolton and CNN’s John Berman Spar Over Trump-Putin Call: ‘The One That’s Missing the Point is You!’


National Security Advisor John Bolton appeared on CNN’s New Day Wednesday morning to discuss the ongoing uprising in Venezuela, but the conversation with host John Berman got remarkably testy over what appears to be some confusion surrounding a possible call between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

By any measure, Berman was attempting to conduct as straight as interview possible, and asking about Putin’s involvement in the events unfolding in Venezuela were entirely appropriate given reports that Nicolas Maduro was ready to depart the country until Russia interceded with a phone call. But Bolton appeared to be remarkably defensive, seeing questions about Trump and Putin to be rooted in some sort of collusion narrative.

Berman explained that his question about Trump calling Putin was from a transcript from Bolton’s previous visit earlier in the morning on Fox & Friends, to which Bolton interrupted with ” If you want to ask me about Russian collusion…” Berman replied “No, I don’t. Not even a little.”

What followed was a very contentious back and forth that centered on Berman’s understanding that Bolton had announced a planned Trump-Putin call, and tried to explain the misunderstanding by reading a portion of that conversation.

Bolton pushed back, saying  “That doesn’t sound like a transcript to me, it sounded like a report.” Berman pushed back with “you’re missing the overall point here. I’m not trying to pick a fight on Russia.”

Bolton showed his combative style with “the one who is missing the point is you.”

Things settled down again until Berman read an exact readout of a Q&A with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade and Bolton, to which the National Security Advisor clarified was not interpreted properly.

Good stuff!

Update! Berman just tweeted out his own assessment of this interview, which we are embedding below as a courtesy to you dear reader:

Watch above via CNN.

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