John Kelly Reportedly Tries to Get Trump’s Attention With Daily ‘Policy Time’ at the White House

President Donald Trump loves to watch fiery debates erupt, particularly on Fox News. It appears White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is using the president’s love for discourse to get his attention on a daily basis, by reportedly implementing a fun new game in the West Wing called “policy time.”

As part of his restructuring of Trump’s White House in an effort to make it run more smoothly, the Washington Post reported on Saturday that Kelly has organized a daily event in which advisers spar on an issue in front of the president. This takes place sometimes twice a day, according to the report: Trump’s aides debate particular subject matters and their difference viewpoints in front of him, seemingly to help him make up his own mind on how to proceed in governing.

Via Washington Post:

But about a month into Kelly’s tenure, Trump began to chafe at the strictures. The president invited staff and Cabinet secretaries into the Oval Office without scheduled appointments and called friends and advisers late at night, without Kelly’s sign-off. An early sign of trouble came when Trump polled confidants about his enforcer: “What do you think of Kelly? How’s Kelly doing?” the president asked.

So it appears Trump can’t quite stick to the guidelines of the game, often going on to call his friends on the outside of the White House and ask for their advice on a range of topics. What are the consequences of breaking the rules in “policy time,” you might ask?

Well, for starters, Kelly has reportedly indicated he is not happy in his position, telling advisers as recently as last week, “I’m out of here, guys” — though it appeared he was only leaving early for the day “to decompress.”

Meanwhile, the president does not seem to be taking much of Kelly’s advice, including his reported suggestion for embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt to “step down.”

At this point, it’s safe to assume another White House shakeup could be just around the corner. Who the next person is to leave, however, is anyone’s guess.

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